Understand the Basics of HV Earthing with our Introduction e-Learning Course.

Time to Sharpen Your Pencil

Why Take an Online Introduction to Earthing Course

Purpose of an Online Earthing Course


Why take the online earthing course?

Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. No travelling to a venue, no hotels, no lost time. To keep things engaging, the fundamentals of Earthing are explained intuitively at first (no maths) by experts in real-world scenarios using a multitude of learning styles and techniques.

Helping save lives through effective training in earthing design.

GreyMatters exists to protect “life” from the harmful effects of High Voltages, (including lightning), globally.  We take what can be traditionally difficult to understand a complex subject. And by using the latest methods available, we aim to intelligently translate the complex into easy-to-understand training courses.

What to expect

Learning technical content is never a chore when it’s delivered through video-rich, engaging materials. No death by PowerPoint. No impenetrable accents to cut through.

Module by module: Each course is broken down into bite-sized chunks so you never have to feel overwhelmed because the next piece of content is only released when you’ve finished the last stage.

Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. No travelling to a venue, no hotels, no lost time. To keep things engaging, the fundamentals of Earthing are explained intuitively at first (no maths) by experts in real-world scenarios using a multitude of learning styles and techniques.

Real-world examples, not just theory – this is everything they didn’t teach you at university!

What Our Customers say about Us!

Ernest B

5 /10/5

…a great earthing software course

Overall, this is a great earthing software course including all important information regarding earthing. Like the idea of a course structure, reference to the standards and practical experience examples are very good. Would prefer to have a little more math regarding the PEEC method. One of the best courses I have taken by far.
Posted: 3 months ago
Saved to:

Mark H


5 /10/5

Excellent and informative course

This has been an excellent and informative course. The interaction of both instructors has been wonderful. The encouragement to explore using the software, the understanding of earthing as well as the additional reading material has been fantastic. The coursework was set at the right level and allowed us to go away and practice what was
Posted: 3 months ago
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Ashley Dale

5 /10/5

Informative and interesting as I always found with these monthly webinars.

Another great webinar providing an excellent insight into the basic design considerations/requirements for designing an earthing system. I particularly like way XGS Labs is used to demonstrate who a design is prepared.
Posted: 5 months ago
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Ian Morris

5 /10/5

Always very informative and easy learning

Great format and makes a good break in the day to learn a new aspect or alternate view
Posted: 5 months ago
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Tom McNulty

Cadent Gas

4 /10/5

The webinar was well presented

I thought the webinar was well presented and gave me a good understanding of how the software can be used to build models an run simulations to give accurate information that will be input into the detailed design.
Posted: 5 months ago
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Confidence Outcome

For the candidate

After taking our courses; expect to feel more confident during project reviews and meetings. Knowing you have the underpinning command of the subject you can let go of those old feelings of inadequacy, and fear about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and avoid the raised eyebrows from others!

Feel comfortable discussion more technical aspects of Earthing and lightning. Gain the respect of peers through your new-found understanding.

Be more rigorous in your critiques for earthing designs and data you receive from others, or that you are personally responsible for. Know instantly when something in the data presented doesn’t quite stack-up and become empowered to find the truth.

Once you’ve successfully passed the course you can choose to receive standards ‘updates’ to ensure you’re on top of any new thinking within the sector.

For the manager

e-Learning, when done well is a really affordable and efficient way to up-skill your staff with the very latest knowledge. No need to block out days and days of non-productive time. No accommodation, food or travel to finance – just the time spent learning! This means you can spread your budget further and you can rest easy knowing that your team is receiving a consistent experience right the way across your organisation.

Know how your team are progressing with the optional dashboard and notifications to allow you to track and trace progress (recordable CPD).

Understanding is tested at each and every stage in an incremental way; leading to an end of course exam. After completion, you’ll receive copies of the certificates necessary to demonstrate proof-of-competence. Depending on your route chosen, this can take the form of CPD or full accreditation by an invigilated exam.

Refreshing intellectual capital is one of the duties we all have as employers – let us do some of the work so you don’t have to; all our courses are referenced to the latest internationally accepted standards meaning your staff will at least be in-date and using the latest thinking. And it doesn’t stop there – once completed each candidate can choose to receive ‘updates’ to keep their new understanding informed of any changes to standards and best practice before the next refresh is due.

Introduction to HV Earthing e-learning course

The Introduction to HV Earthing e-learning course is available as a single licence or group licence. Use single if you are an individual and want only one seat. Use the group if you are a manager or team leader and want to add single or multiple courses and multiple users to an e-learning group.

Single Course License

Group Course Licenses


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Meet Your Training Team

Ian Griffiths CEng, BEng (Hons), MBA, Tech Eng, MIET

An absolute specialist with 25+years of sector experience…

this means there isn’t a scenario or challenge that Ian hasn’t already come across & solved it. His work has included large-scale projects and policy development in transmission and distribution, data-centres, rail electrification, petrochemical refineries, renewable generation and airports across the globe. 

Ian is fully CDEGS accredited.

Hugh Wren BEng (Hons), MIET

Hugh started his professional career with National Grid UK in transmission and has been working on Earthing Design across Europe on large-scale projects and AC/DC Rail applications in the UK. Also includes international projects in the Middle East and Africa. Experience and fully certified CDEGS – HIFREQ and MALZ.

Dominic Warren-Gash CEng, MEng, MIET

Dom has worked in transmission and generation with Jersey Electrical Plc before taking on power system design and 132 kV network SAP (senior authorised person) roles on significant large-scale projects across the UK. Dom’s particular brand of expertise is in protection/harmonics design.

Industry Supporters & Contributors

We are dedicated to supporting the advancement of the lightning protection industry and we are proud to work with many industry partners and organisations.


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