Why Take The Power System Earthing and Design, Level 1, Course?

A competent earthing design is an absolute prerequisite to protect lives from the harmful effects of high-voltage, which exist during a fault situation. This 4-day course aims to provide attendees with a unique opportunity to acquire practical and up-to-date engineering knowledge on how to study and design efficient, economical HV Power System Earthing mitigation systems. 

This course aims to explain and demystify many of the misconceptions, ambiguities and common errors found in earthing design today. Learn how to avoid the familiar sources of error in measurements and get the very best in the latest thinking and best-practice.

Who is the course aimed at?:

  • Design engineers seeking formal proof of competence
  • People who seek a higher level of technical confidence when working on, discussing, analysing, troubleshooting projects involving earthing
  • Engineers/Project managers from electrical disciplines
  • Graduate engineers and lecturers
  • Electrical engineers involved in delivering projects with earthing or earthing design risk factors

Pre-Existing Knowledge:

Underpinning knowledge is assumed – either by life experience or academically acquired. Delivered in plain, easy-to-understand English, and each delegate is led through the scientific principles behind earthing concepts and may include calculation.


  • Power generation and renewable energy
  • Power distribution and utilities
  • Data Centres
  • Refineries
  • Rail
Level 1 Certification

Course Outline and Schedule

The course divided into four discrete topics, which follow a natural practical design process:

Day 1 of the course, the emphasis is on revisiting the underpinning principles behind earthing and the steps required in acquiring the appropriate data necessary for an Earthing Study.

Earth resistivity measurement and interpretation techniques for uniform and multilayered soil models are discussed. The concept of soil model equivalence and soil layer resolution is explained using computer simulations.

Split factors/reduction factors are explained and illustrated with practical examples.

Standards are discussed. Their origins, geographic application and how they compare to help inform decisions on which standards to use in your design.

Day 2 has a practical emphasis, building models using XGSLab software. Importing CAD files, processing the soil data, setting up the model geometry, setting conductor properties, working through the various types of energisation, calculating Step and Touch voltage thresholds before debugging your model ready for computation.

Day 3 continues the practical theme with the analysis of the previous day’s computations. Exploring the plotting capabilities, EPR/GPR, 3D, complex area and linear outputs and distribution plots to locate which parts of the electrode design work the hardest.

Day 4 sees the sum of the parts coming together. Electrical safety concepts and issues related to body currents, body impedances and foot resistances discussed for power frequency and high-frequency electric exposure. The question is answered, “Is your design successful?” The designs are analysed for safety, and methods on optimising, mitigation and troubleshooting are explained and discussed.

Investment - £1957

Ernest B

5 /10/5

…a great earthing software course

Overall, this is a great earthing software course including all important information regarding earthing. Like the idea of a course structure, reference to the standards and practical experience examples are very good. Would prefer to have a little more math regarding the PEEC method. One of the best courses I have taken by far.
Posted: 3 weeks ago
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Mark H


5 /10/5

Excellent and informative course

This has been an excellent and informative course. The interaction of both instructors has been wonderful. The encouragement to explore using the software, the understanding of earthing as well as the additional reading material has been fantastic. The coursework was set at the right level and allowed us to go away and practice what was
Posted: 3 weeks ago
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5 /10/5

Great experience – learnt a lot

…[The course] was laced with really good practical exercises and I learned a lot. Thanks for the opportunity to join and learn.”
Posted: 5 months ago
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