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Why You Should Attend

*** Sorry about the sound quality on this recording *** This Webinar replay will always be free to access.

Understanding someone else’s Earthing Design can be challenging enough for most. So, it can be an unsurprisingly big ask for non-experts to understand on the first pass how your design will work; if the only means of communicating your strategy is with the written word and a couple of plot images.

Learn how to improve your communication with a much wider range of clients using the latest innovations at your fingertips.

Webinar Outcomes

Say goodbye to overly detailed reports that leave the non-expert in a multidiscipline project team with more questions than answers. After this webinar,  you will see how easy it can be to visually represent and understand the full context of your earthing design to crucial members of a project team that may not major in earthing as their discipline.

Learn how the latest integration tools within XGSLab can make your Earthing reports really pop and bring them to life in a visually and geometrically accurate way.

Who should attend?

This webinar is suitable for you if you are…

  • Someone who designs Electrical Power Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Someone who manages a team of Designers or signs-off projects
  • Someone who buys Earthing Design Services

Do you need to be a technical person to attend?

Whatever the software you currently use, if you are someone that organises, manages, or carries out the designs for HV Earthing/grounding systems, then this is for you!

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Daniele Cuccarollo

SINT: Expert in XGSLab

Daniele received a Dr. Ing. degree in electrical engineering in 2009. He has been working in SINT since 2010 and involved in XGSLab development since 2012. He has taken part in the building of the present software from its very roots. Today he is mainly involved in the user interface development, customers assistance and software promotion at international venues

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