Earthing (Grounding) Fundamentals

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Why take the Earthing (Grounding) Fundamentals course?

Recent developments in international and national standards have proven to be real game-changers in the methodology and their requirements for compliance. The bar has been raised, and demonstrating design competence for Earthing (grounding) to de-risk your business is paramount for a safety-critical specialist component.

The GreyMatters “Earthing Fundamentals” has been developed to build on previous knowledge and take a more detailed look at the principles behind safe Earthing (grounding). This course combines intuitive explanation with the rigour of some basic calculations across the discipline of earthing (grounding) design for high-voltage systems. Systematically broken down into logical easily absorbed sessions, this course will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • More in-depth knowledge of Earthing Design concepts;
  • Refresh on basic theories;
  • Provide clarity on the purpose and classification of earthing systems;
  • Explain touch and step hazards;
  • What fibrillation is and why it is important for the designer;
  • Geology – why this plays such an important role and understand soil model analysis;
  • Soil conduction and split factors;
  • Explain Fault theory – Earth potential rise (EPR);
  • Impressed voltages, transferred potentials and mitigation;
  • Illustrate the design “Process” and applicable Standards;
  • Demonstrate measurement techniques at work avoiding sources of error;
  • Installation methods.

Who should engage:

  • People seeking a greater level of confidence when discussing and working on projects involving earthing;
  • Engineers/Project managers from related disciplines (electrical);
  • Graduate engineers as a precursor to life experience
  • Engineers involved in delivering or maintaining projects with earthing
  • Directors and VP’s of all disciplines to refresh and stay current

Pre-existing knowledge: This is the second in a six-part series, there is no requirement for previous academic underpinning for this module but some fluency in basic maths is recommended. This module’s content is delivered in plain, easy-to-understand English and each delegate is led through the basic earthing concepts with some basic calculations.

Concepts are reinforced with practical real-life examples (videos) and understanding is regularly tested throughout. On completion of the course, each delegate will have the option to take a formal assessment – the results submitted are evaluated and further one-to-one advice and mentoring are available to address any weaknesses identified in understanding, ensuring a good level is attained.

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