Earthing Design series – part 1

Why You Should Attend

Earthing/grounding design is a safety-critical component of the HV power system. It is often one of the most misunderstood topics or specialism. In this series “Earthing Design”, we take the lid off the design process from start to finish, to demystify and bust a few of the common myths and misconceptions.

Knowing today’s electrical power system cannot be connected into a network without first demonstrating that the Earthing/grounding electrode arrangements are designed appropriately to deliver a safe system whatever the season or circumstance, software tools are increasingly doing much of the heavy lifting to deal with the complex mathematics involved and model the electrical problems in the virtual world before a single shovel breaks the ground.

Who should attend?

This webinar is right for you if you are…

  • Responsible for delivering power system designs
  • Responsible for a budget and who organises and leads a design/project team
  • Responsible for subcontracting power system design and/or installations
  • Responsible for delivering Earthing/grounding system design

Do you need to be a technical person to attend?

You don’t need to be a specialist. This 20-minute introduction piece covers the basics. However, a reasonable level of underpinning knowledge is assumed.

Hugh Wren

Our Own In-house expert
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