How to build a Lightning Protection RSM model in XGSLab Shield

Why You Should Attend

This webinar will give you valuable insight into creating an Rolling Sphere model in XGSLab SHIELD.

It will serve as a user’s guide on using XGSLab SHIELD to equip you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to model your own designs.

Webinar Outcomes

This session will cover the following:

  • How to prepare a 3D CAD file for importing into XGSLab SHIELD
  • How to use XGSLab SHIELD
  • Tips and tricks for a better user experience within XGSLab SHIELD

Who should attend?

This webinar is right for you if you are…

  • Someone who delivers lightning protection system design
  • Someone who checks if an lightning protection system design actually works
  • Responsible for a design team that delivers lightning protection designs

Do you need to be a technical person to attend?

A reasonable level of CAD software knowledge is assumed if you are going to build an Rolling Sphere model. 

Presented By:

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Christos Portaridis

GreyMatters Design Engineer

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