What to expect

Learning technical content is never a chore when it’s delivered through video-rich, engaging materials. No death by PowerPoint. No impenetrable accents to cut through.

Module by module: Each course is broken down into bite-sized chunks so you never have to feel overwhelmed because the next piece of content is only released when you’ve finished the last stage.

Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. No travelling to a venue, no hotels, no lost time. To keep things engaging, the fundamentals of Earthing are explained intuitively at first (no maths) by experts in real-world scenarios using a multitude of learning styles and techniques.

Real-world examples, not just theory – this is everything they didn’t teach you at university!

Latest thinking

100% latest – the material covered is bang up-to-date with the latest internationally accepted standards and methodologies so you can be confident knowing that you’re ahead of the game.

Track and trace

Show your line manager your progress or completion. Choose whether your prefered route; record your time under-recognised CPD (continual professional development) scheme or take the optional exam on completion to receive a full certification when you pass.

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