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Number of Seats Discount
5 - 9 Seats
- 15%
10 - 19 Seats
- 20%
20 - 49 Seats
- 25%
20 - 49 Seats
- 40%

Add the number of course licenses you require (one license per user in the group). You can always add more as you need them.

Choose the number of licences you require. You need a licence for each user/learner. Bulk purchase discount rates are applied at the next stage.

As part of today’s requirements, demonstrating competence is an absolute prerequisite. Earthing is no exception. Recent developments in international and national standards have proven to be real game-changers in their approach and requirements for compliance. So, stay ahead of the game. Learn the key concepts behind fault theory at your own pace. Video-rich content with animations and real-life examples delivered in bite-sized chunks so you should never feel overwhelmed.

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