Soil Resistivity Roundup

Why You Should Attend

Getting reliable Soil resistivity data is a fundamental requirement to every Earthing Design.

Making sure you know what it takes and importantly what to avoid when examining, processing and delivering your soil model data is super important. So, understanding what a ‘good’ set of measurements looks like is critical.

We revisit the key points from the previous soil resistivity webinar series:
• Part 1 – Testing, avoid the common mistakes
• Part 2 – How to process the data

Webinar Outcomes

The key takeaway from this webinar is that you will learn why soil resistivity testing is so massively important to a technically secure earthing design that follows.

So, after watching this webinar you will learn what common mistakes are and how you can avoid them, in the field and during the analysis. As well as learning what the standards expect from you.

Who should attend?

This webinar is right for you if you are…

• Responsible for field team that delivers Earth testing or installations
• Someone who does Earth Testing already
• Responsible for subcontracting Earth Testing/Soil measurements
• Responsible for delivering Earthing/grounding system design
• Responsible for subcontracting Earthing design and/pr installations

Do you need to be a technical person to attend?

If you are someone that organises the Soil Resistivity measurement task but does not actually ‘do’ the field-work, then an appreciation of the task is sufficient. However, a reasonable level of practical knowledge is assumed if you ‘do’ measuring yourself.

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