Surge Protection – How to find out if your SPD is working

Why You Should Attend

SPD (surge protection devices) are almost a prerequisite for every electrical and lightning protection system. Knowing when these devices are working or not can be a real pain. Usually, we’re forced to physically open up live panels to check if the plethora of SPDs is still functioning; very often, this task is made even more complicated on the data side of things, because there is no visual indication at all!

So, knowing electronic equipment is getting ever more critical to our ‘smart’ lives at home and in the workplace, it makes sense to have the peace of mind that comes with having all your bases covered.

Webinar Outcomes

After watching this 20-minute webinar you will learn about an innovative way that you (or your maintenance team) can chime into installed SPD remotely without having to open up live panels and check on their status.

This webinar is brought to you by our guest speaker, Sean Passant.

Who should attend?

This webinar is right for you if you are…

  • Responsible for delivering or maintaining LV power systems
  • Responsible for delivering or maintaining lightning protection systems
  • Responsible for carrying out and/or organising testing teams
  • Responsible for subcontracting LV power system design and/or installations

Do you need to be a technical person to attend?

You don’t need to be a specialist. This 20-minute webinar is aimed to raise awareness of an innovation in productivity that could make your working life easier. 

Presented By:


Sean Passant

Sean Passant

Technical Manager at DEHN UK

Sean Passant MIET, is the technical manager at DEHN UK (always capitals by the way our German colleagues shout at us if it’s not) he is responsible for all technical matters in the UK & Republic of Ireland and has worked in lightning protection, surge protection & earthing industry for over 25 years. He’s a member of the BSI Gel/81 standards committee for BSEN 62305 & BSEN 62561, he’s an IET volunteer & subject matter specialist helping to upskill electricians & graduate engineers, he works with CIBSE as part of their Electrical Safety Group (ESG) and is a visiting instructor at the CITB National Construction College. He also likes cheese.

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