Model Lightning Strikes Using XGS

£9.97 (+ vat)

After watching you will:

  • Realise that there is a gap in the current IEC 62305 standard
  • Understand how you can fill this gap to de-risk your projects
  • Learn how easy it is to use XGSLab software to fully understand if a design will perform safely when struck by lightning

After watching this webinar you will learn how incredibly easy it is to use XGSLab software to model your lightning protection design and subject it to a simulated lightning strike to confirm the assumptions, and KNOW how it actually performs in reality.

The key takeaway from this webinar is that you may think meeting the basic compliance requirements of the standards is enough, but by understanding the safety assumptions and using the modelling techniques shown, you can gain the peace of mind to remove assumption out of your design and take your work to the next level.

This webinar is right for you if you areā€¦

  • Responsible for delivering lightning protection system design
  • Responsible for a budget and who organises and leads a design/project team
  • Responsible for subcontracting lightning protection design and/or installations
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